AFV ER Website- VI


My name is Violet, better known as Vi — or Violence. I am from Southern California and have been working with animals my entire life. From growing up on a ranch and working as a farmhand for local livestock farmers, volunteering in shelters and animal associations throughout school years, and starting my veterinary medicine career as a receptionist and kennel technician in various clinics throughout California, as well as after moving to Las Vegas in 2021. From a very young age, I have had aspirations to work in the veterinary field and am thrilled to be able to learn from and gain experience in emergency medicine. My goals include running an animal rehabilitation sanctuary in hybrid with a charity-driven tattoo and piercing parlor. As well as becoming either a veterinarian or a vet tech — setting an example for youth as a queer and autistic POC in the field. At home, I have two cats, a pit-bull, a bearded dragon, and a corn snake. In my free time I enjoy spending time in nature, making music, and enjoying every form of art the world has to offer.