Ivy, also known as the cat lady, was born and raised in Oregon. Three classes away from sitting for her Veterinary Technician National Exam, she is eager to finish school. After moving to Las Vegas from North Carolina with her husband (a Norwegian Helicopter Pilot) and three cats (Norah, Pumpkin, and Luna), She has finally found the hospital that she calls home. With 10 years of Veterinary Experience including ER, ICU, Shelter Medicine, High Volume Spay and Neuter, Feral TNR, Working alongside Animal Control and K9 Police Officers, Feline Only, and General Practice. Ivy is also a Certified Cat Friendly Veterinary Professional through the American Association of Feline Practitioners as well as a Certified Veterinary Assistant through DEVTP. ER will always be her favorite. Never knowing what will come through that door is always a mystery. The best feeling is getting to see hers patients recover and get to go home to its humans after staying with us. The animal human bond is a beautiful thing.