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Orthopedic Protection for Pets

Real Vegas Magazine
June 23, 2023 BY DR. JONATHAN L. SNEAD

Dogs/cats are beloved companions to many but are not immune to physical ailments. Taking preventative measures to protect your pets from orthopedic problems is essential. This includes regular exercise to maintain muscle strength and joint flexibility, a healthy diet to maintain a healthy weight and provide crucial nutrients, and a safe environment to prevent accidents and injuries. Additionally, keeping up with regular veterinary visits can help catch any potential problems early on and allow for timely treatment. At Animal Focus Vet, our mission is to create a culture beyond treating the symptoms and educate pet owners to increase their quality of life and extend their pet’s lifespans.

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Animal Focus Vet – Come Experience a Higher Level of Care

MyVegas Magazine
March 2, 2023 BY DR. JONATHAN L. SNEAD

Emergency medicine is particularly intriguing because many cases require doctors to demonstrate their ability in creating quick and accurate treatment plans that address the sudden onset of disease and stabilize their patients. We understand that Emergency visits can be both emotional and stressful for pets, pet owners, and Veterinary professionals, especially given that most visits are unexpected.

Emergency medicine is practiced in high-stress situations. Therefore, clinics must be prepared to deal with emotionally charged situations while still providing excellent care to their critical patients. Our Emergency Room is staffed with experienced and dedicated employees who provide exceptional and compassionate patient care. Another factor that ER clinics must be prepared for is financial limitations expressed by the owner.

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Animal Focus Vet – Fur Babies are our Family

Real Vegas Magazine

Fur Babies are our family

Dr. Joe J. Owens, III and Dr. Johnathan L. Snead are making significant strides in the veterinary industry, collectively bringing over 24 years of veterinary experience to their co-founded venture, Animal Focus Vet, which opened in 2020. Animal Focus Vet currently operates 3 animal hospital locations servicing the greater Las Vegas Valley and Henderson communities. The doctors’ aim was to build a culture of high-quality medicine for pets, along with expert client education that would accommodate the evolving perspective of pets being an extension of family, satisfying a better human-animal bond relationship.