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Animal Focus Vet, Inc is a forward-thinking, multifaceted organization serving Henderson and Las Vegas NV, with a vision to champion a culture of higher-level animal health care, focusing on the animal’s well-being by providing insight and access to superior techniques, developing enhanced tools and equipment as well as hands-on training programs.

Our vision is to educate, manage, support, and spread a culture promoting superior focused animal health care on a national level.
Our mission is to create a culture that goes beyond treating the symptoms and educates the pet owners to increase the quality of life and extend the lifespan of their pet.

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Our Veterinary Services

Pet Wellness Exams

Pet Vaccinations

Pet Dental Care

Trauma Unit & Critical Care For Pets

Emergency and Urgent Care

Emergency Physical Exams

Pain Management

Pet Transport


In-House Bloodwork

Preventative Care

Spay & Neuter Pets

In-House Laboratory

Wellness For Senior Pets


Diagnostic Pet Testing


Behavior Counseling For Pets